A Leap Forward in Learning Koine Greek, the Language of the NT

Build Fluency by Reading Greek New Testament Passages from the Beginning


  • Instead of spending months memorizing from a book
  • Read actual Greek NT Verses tailored to your ability


  • Instead of spending $4500+ on seminary classes that leave you unable to read most of the NT
  • FluentGreek costs $15 a month and leads to fluency in the entire Greek NT


  • FluentGreek considers your current knowledge of Greek and presents you with selections from the New Testament that are at or just above your level to maximize learning with minimum effort.

God has spoken to us in Scripture. Because of that, it’s impossible to overestimate the value of Scripture and the importance of studying it deeply. We are blessed with many incredible English translations, and thank God for them, but I’m guessing since you are here, that you want to go beyond these, to see what the Apostles wrote for yourself.

All translation is interpretation to some extent, and when reading the translation, we can’t tell what was originally written. The translator may or may not have captured the sense correctly, and even if he or she did, you might not grasp the sense in English. This is why we learn Greek.

Who is FluentGreek for?

  • Seminary graduates who want to apply what they’ve learned or improve their fluency
  • Seminary students who want to emphasize fluency while taking language and exegesis courses
  • Individuals who plan on going into ministry in the future. It would be ideal to begin this program two years before you plan on entering seminary so you can enter able to read Greek
  • Christians who want to read the New Testament in the original language and are willing to make it a priority in their lives

How does FluentGreek work?

FluentGreek sorts New Testament verses by difficulty and gets you reading as quickly as possible, presenting you with the most amount of Greek for the least amount of effort.

The heart of language learning is what researchers call “comprehensible input.” To become fluent in a language, a person simply needs to be exposed to the new language in a way they can understand, over and over again. That’s how children learn to understand and speak their native language. Native speakers don't memorize charts, review flashcards, or diagram sentences.

FluentGreek provides the tools you need to learn to really read Greek by presenting you with actual readable Greek texts from the start and gives you the tools to understand them. With this program you will read thousands of verses of Scripture in the original Greek.

  • Start reading actual verses right away, and unlock increasingly difficult passages as you progress
  • Spaced repetition for vocabulary and verse review
  • Resource recommendations, study tips, grammar helps, and progress trackers

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