A Leap Forward in Learning Koine Greek, the Language of the NT

Build Fluency by Reading Greek New Testament Passages from the Beginning


Do you want to engage with Scripture on a deeper level? Do you want to read the actual words the Apostles wrote? Do you want to see what’s behind the translations you use?

To read the New Testament as written you must be able to read Greek. But how can you? Isn’t learning Greek difficult?

Typically, students take Greek classes at a Bible College or Seminary. But this approach is cost-prohibitive to many. Seminaries often charge $500+ per credit hour over 9 credit hours. That’s $4,500+! Unless you are wealthy, that’s going to hurt. And only a small percentage of students develop enough skill to comfortably read the Greek New Testament.

There is a better way!

We learn new languages by engaging with them in use. This explains why so few students learn Greek using the traditional classroom approach. They spend their time learning from textbooks instead of engaging with Greek texts.

The best way to become fluent is to immerse yourself in a culture that uses that language. Unfortunately, no Koine Greek speaking communities exist these days. Your best alternative is a reading intensive approach. That gives your brain the engagement with Greek it needs.

FluentGreek is a curated Greek reading course to help you achieve fluency.

You’ll start off with a simple sentence – “I am” in Greek – and build from there. After eighty or so sentences you’ll begin reading the Greek NT. Jumping straight into the GNT is far too difficult. FluentGreek presents you with carefully selected verses that track your reading level. In this way, you will read thousands of sentences from the Greek NT. The goal is for you to read it on your own by the end of the program.

FluentGreek leverages technology going beyond what a simple list of sentences can offer. If you get stuck on a word, click on it to see details. FluentGreek shows you its definition, grammar, frequency, and all the forms used in the New Testament. This saves you time and reveals patterns quickly. A book can’t offer this.

Instead of ~$400 per month with little hope of success, FluentGreek costs only $15 per month. And because the program focuses on reading fluency, you can trust you are ever moving towards your goal of learning to read the Greek New Testament.

Who is FluentGreek for?

  • Seminary graduates who want to apply what they’ve learned or improve their fluency
  • Seminary students who want to emphasize fluency while taking language and exegesis courses
  • Individuals who plan on going into ministry in the future. It would be ideal to begin this program two years before you plan on entering seminary so you can enter able to read Greek
  • Christians who want to read the New Testament in the original language and are willing to make it a priority in their lives

Monthly Subscription

  • Graduated Greek Verse Decks
  • Vocabulary Flashcards
  • Paradigm Flashcards
  • Greek NT with Helps

Start Learning Biblical Greek Today. It's free to try!