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 NT Greek Study Tools

FluentGreek tools and how to use them

First Verses

This tool presents six categories of Greek verses and phrases with translations and explanations for your review before beginning to read Greek on your own.

Core Work

Verse Deck

This is the heart and soul of FluentGreek. The Greek New Testament is presented to you verse by verse. It is arranged in 35 levels, with different types of verbs being unlocked in each level. Additionally, FluentGreek sorts the verses from easiest to hardest to understand and from most common words to least common. This means that the complexity of verses you are presented gradually increases as your skills increase. Once all levels are unlocked, further verses at a higher difficulty level will be presented to you.

Greek NT

Once you’ve unlocked most or all of the levels, you can begin to read the GNT chapter by chapter, instead of verse by verse. For my recommended New Testament book reading order click here.

Supplemental Work


This tool presents Greek words, most common to least common, with brief definitions. Spaced repetition is used to increase your word retention. I recommend that once you’ve memorized the words that occur 30-50 times, you stop using the flashcard program.


Since Greek is an inflected language, you must understand what changes in word form convey. This tool presents you with the most common noun and verb forms you will encounter. Start with Common Endings, ὁ, ἡ, τό, and Present Active Indicative verbs.

About New Testament Text and Lexicon

FluentGreek uses Tischendorf’s 8th edition Greek New Testament and John Jeffrey Dodson’s 2010 lexicon, both of which have been edited by Dr. Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen. Dr. Sandborg-Petersen has kindly put these texts in the public domain. There are some minor differences between Tischendorf and the more broadly used Nestle-Aland 28th edition and UBS 5th edition. However, as FluentGreek is about learning to read the Koine Greek language, manuscript differences do not have a significant bearing. Using a high quality, public domain text allows us to offer this service to you at a lower cost.